The Program

Music for Young Children® is an exciting, hands-on approach to learning music, designed especially for the young beginner.

This program builds a solid foundation of understanding and enjoying music.
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Throughout the year, we will be learning piano repertoire, rhythm, music theory, history, composition, listening skills, singing and music vocabulary.

There are five age-appropriate beginning levels. Students completing advanced levels are well prepared to move into intermediate piano studies. There are two levels of Pre-Piano Classes, Music Pups and Sunrise.

Children graduate from MYC in 3-5 years with the knowledge required for the RCM Basic Rudiments exam and the performance skills required for Grade One conservatory exams.

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When To Begin:

Class Progression

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The Teacher

MYC® teachers meet specific piano performance and theory qualifications. In addition they receive special program training, ongoing refresher courses, and regular evaluations by their MYC area coordinators. Teachers are committed to parent involvement, encouraging learning, children and families.

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The Parents

Parents are a very special part of each MYC® class. They are essential to the success of this program. Each child is accompanied to every class by a parent/guardian. They are not only involved as a helper to their child in class, but also at home. Parents are able to spend time learning with their child and often go on to further their own music studies.
Parents with MYC Students

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The Student

The MYC® student wants to learn music and have fun doing it! Your child will be placed in an age-appropriate group of students eager to learn together.

MYC Students - Halloween Costumes

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MYC Scholarship Programs

1. MYC Scholarship Program

This program was set up to help students when their families are having financial difficulties and the students show promise and a keen desire to continue in the music program.

Any teacher who wishes to make use of the scholarship program must notify MYC-Kanata in writing of their intention to teach a student at no cost. Include the student's name, age, program level, what materials were purchased (i.e. a full registration, a family registration, level, etc.) and briefly outline the circumstances.

If a teacher is willing to teach a student without charging anything for the lessons, then MYC will offer the required materials at 50% of the listed price (for all levels).

2. Wes Hindle Memorial Scholarship Program - Application due by October 1st

In order to apply for the Wes Hindle Memorial Scholarship, you must have already applied for the (above) MYC Scholarship Program. The Wes Hindle Memorial Scholarship are available to students who are taught free-of-charge by their teachers. Begun in 2004, the scholarship will pay for the balance of the registration fee that the MYC Scholarship fund does not cover. Three scholarships are awarded annually.

3. Helena Evans Memorial Scholarship - application due by June 1st

This scholarship was established in 1998 to recognize Helena Evan's contribution to the MYC program. Helena was the coordinator for New Brunswick, PEI., My Young Chanteurs (now Sunrise), and contributed to the MYC curriculum before she passed away in 1995.

A scholarship of $500 is awarded each year to a Music for Young Children graduate (completed Moonbeams 3) for further training or education in music at the post-secondary level (i.e., further studies of music at an advanced level such as B. Mus. or Associate of Music or A.R.C.T or training to become a certified MYC teacher). To apply, send a resume as well as a letter stating how the money would be used to:
Music for Young Children
39 Leacock Way
Kanata, ON K2K 1T1

Attn: Helena Evans Memorial Scholarship

4. The Gunars and Frances Balodis Bright Beginnings Grant - Application due by June 1st

The Gunars and Frances Balodis Bright Beginnings Grant was created to support and help newly-trained teachers set up their studio. Total value $2700. Application deadline is June 1st.

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From Roland Canada - one year free rental of:
2 DP990 digital Roland pianos
1 Lucina digital, portable piano
1 MT90u
1 Cd21

From MYC:
Circle StickersInk PadIf teaching Sunrise:
Critter Stamps SS1 lesson plan book Sunrise Puppets
Rhythm Stamps SB1 lesson plan book Sunrise Sticker Sheet Critter*
Bread Tags MB1 lesson plan book Sunrise Sticker Sheet p&f*
Jar Rings SB1 game pack Sunrise backpack
MYC Stickers A-G* MB1 game pack Sunrise Friend Blanket
MYC Stickers Critter* SS1, SB1, MB1 vocal CD Sunrise Button (6)
Blocks + Mallets (7) Set of 11 puppets Teddy Bear Stamps
MYC Pencils (6)   Ink pad

* 3 sheets of each sticker sheet

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"I am not a teacher: only a fellow-traveller of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead--ahead of myself as well as you."

- George Bernard Shaw