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Teach your baby your other native language – Music

Music Pups ®, developed by Rob Sayer of The Music Class ® is a fun informal music and movement program for infants and toddlers. It is a music program that nurtures young children by motivating parents and caregivers to engage in musical activities with their child. Through teacher modeling, parent education and the joy of our classes, Music Pups ® acts as a catalyst for parents to provide a stimulating music environment for their child.

Classes have a recommended minimum of six and a maximum of twelve children. Teachers stimulate learning through play and children participate as they choose - at their own developmental level. Activities focus on adult/child interaction rather than child/child interaction, so that children of different ages (such as siblings) can enjoy class together. We encourage the participation of young children, including infants. Early exposure greatly enhances a child's music development.

The first months and years of life are the most important in a child's musical development. The Music Pups ® experience creates students who more fully develop their pitch and rhythm skills and are more responsive to music in general. Your students will be hightly motivated to continue their musical studies in other musical programs such as the MYC Sunrise and the MYC keyboard-based programs.

The secret to Music Pup's success lies in one word - fun! The eleven song collections feature a wide variety of tonalities, rhythms, instruments and cultural styles, to be combined with playful movement activities - all developmentally appropriate for infants and toddlers. With Music Pup's committment to creativity and expression, the program promises an experience that is both exciting and meaningful - for children, teachers and parents alike.

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(10 week program, no keyboard)

Ages 3-4 years

MYC Student with triangleMYC Sunrise brings you learning through singing, rhythm and games for 3 to four year olds. Sunrise is an exciting and innovative music program containing a variety of age appropriate music and movement activities designed to introduce young children to the wonderful world of music. The music year is divided into 3 ten-week lesson blocks. Materials include a workbook, CD, finger puppets and Rhythm Instruments in a child-sized back pack.

Children will develop listening awareness, fine motor skills, social interaction, confidence and attention span while interacting with Sunrise music friends:
  • Buddy Croak, the shades wearing, saxophone playing frog, who is the leader of the Sunrise Band.
  • Mellow Yellow, a yellow dog, who is the singer/dancer in the group.
  • Buzz, our little fly sidekick. A zippy little guy with an unusual talent for playing the drums.

Add the Sunrise music story bears, and we have all the ingredients for an exciting musical adventure.

Play and learn together! Happy children, happy parents, happy teacher! Join your child each week while they sing, play and learn.

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Sunshine One

Ages: 3-4 years

This level is designed to introduce young beginners to music in a positive way. Students at this age will benefit from the contact with other children and parents in a class environment.

They will be learning listening skills and team participation. Students will learn the music alphabet from A-G, recognize patterns by ear and be able to play them on the keyboard. They will be introduced to reading music on the staff and will play songs using middle D, D and bass B. Students will sing a wide variety of fun songs, as well as enhance fine motor skills in individual fingers through games and finger play.

Regular keyboard practice is a required element of this program, but practices should be kept short (5-10 minutes) and fun! Students will get to play in a recital, either solo or with the class, in keyboard ensemble, singing ensemble or rhythm ensemble.

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Sunbeam One

Ages: 5-6 years

Students in Sunbeam One will enjoy learning music in a hands-on music environment. Each child will develop listening skills in a group environment and the ability to wait for musical introductions before playing and singing. Students will master the music alphabet and learn C+ , G+ and A- scales with legato fingering.

Sunbeam One students will be introduced to adding harmonized 'bridges' to their scales and will later incorporate this into playing by ear.

By the end of the music year, students will be reading music on the staff from low B in the bass clef to high C in the treble clef. Each class will learn to use rhythm dication in singing, rhythm ensemble and keyboard pieces.

Students will enjoy using the skills they have learned to compose songs of their own. They will also be given the opportunity to participate in a recital.

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Moonbeam One

Ages: 7-8 years

Students in Moonbeams One will benefit by working as a team. Each child will be challenged to develop a daily 'happy habit' of music. Students will be presented with material that will keep them motivated and challenged through out the year.

They will master the music alphabet from A-G and learn to read notes in the treble staff and bass staff. They will read and play selections using these notes (single and multiple notes) hands seperate and hands together.

Students will gain a working knowledge of sharps and flats and use them in their playing. They will learn to harmonize their scales with triads in C+, G+, D+, A-, E- and F+ scales. Students will begin to harmonize a simple melody line with triads by ear.

Moonbeam One students will gain rhythmic fluency in singing, clapping, dictation and reading. Each child will be able to participate in a recital as well as gain confidance in playing for the group in a safe environment.

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MY Choice

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MY Choice

Ages 9-12

MY Choice is a new MYC program that is now available for older beginner children ages 9 - 12 (4th. 5th. or 6th. grade in school) and does not require parents to attend class. Learn to play piano with your friends! Read music, play by ear, explore theory, compose, chord. Enjoy group instruction in piano in a studio setting. Make it your choice!

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Music Your Best Choice

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Music Your Best Choice


This program is designed especially for teens/adults/seniors who are wanting to further their music education in a supportive group enviroment. Students enrolling in this course will have a varied background of music, as everyones life experiences are so different. Teens/adults/seniors will be challenged to work at a pace that is comfortable for them, and will enjoy learning from others in the class as well.

The course curriculum includes:

Warmups, playing by ear, singing, pattern and interval study, theory (to aid in playing, listening, singing and composing), reading music in solo and ensemble settings, history highlights, visual and auditory analysis, composition and style and expression.

Students will benefit by learning together, as well as developing their repetoire during solo time.

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Early Bird Registration

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I will be accepting registrations for returning students anytime from now to August 31st.

There is a discount from Music for Young Children® for returning MYC® students who register before the May 1st deadline. (Early Bird Registration)

Class schedules are posted on the website.

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